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Conflict with Privacy is Unnecessary

by Santosh

There’s plenty of headroom for social networks to grow without conflicting with the end-users need to privacy. If you think about first principles that underly how we interact in the real world, social networks needn’t have attempted to kill privacy, or bring privacy management online. They really should’ve obviated the need to explicitly manage privacy.

Once a conversation is set up, it determines who gets to listen in. Topics ought to enhance second-order visibility.

Networks that’ve set their default conversation to broadcast to all friends, or followers, or the world, appear to start that way… As individual networks grow, noise goes up. Later, lists are added in an attempt to dial up the signal. This includes facebooks’ lists (friend, close friends, public, friends except acquaintances) and G+’s circles.

Of the three, twitter encourages the better model. For conversations that are public by default, users can choose to directly address others. For a private conversation, users must switch modes to DM. In contrast, the way lists have been implemented on other networks implies that by attaching a conversation to a list, or by limiting the visibility of the post, it enhances participation. This is not true in practice.

If you imply that a user must pause and think when she shares – that right there is the battle lost.

It’s easy to understand why a new network, such as instagram, or medium would skip attempting to satisfy privacy needs altogether.

Tinkering with Execution Themes for Startups

by Santosh

Some time ago, I came across a story on how Jack Dorsey was managing his twin positions of CEO of Square and Chairman at Twitter. As the article correctly surmises – both positions are incredibly demanding on his limited time and attention. He manages his personal responsibilities across the two companies using a combination of disciplined time allocation and themes to help define direction.

Why limit the idea of themes to just founders? Themes could be useful for small teams too.

If we think of opportunities as indeterminate, Startups need to diversify just enough to pursue different opportunities together (Pivots). Theming can also help direct team efforts along each of the key dimensions such as acquisition, activation, retention, referral, monetization (AARRR). You could also theme a team along different channels for customer acquisition. In short, theming efforts along different directions help you pursue all and at the same time limit the investment just enough to help you feel the progress.

Are you using execution themes at your startup or small team? If yes, do comment or link back to your blog on how you make this work.

Twitter chooses to go the Social Translation Way

by Anjali Gupta

Following the footsteps of Facebook, Twitter launched a comprehensive Translation Center to “crowdsource translations from our passionate users in order to more quickly launch Twitter in additional languages”.

Translators will be translating the product itself, not the Tweets. Twitter also has a feed for translators on twitter/@translator.

Indonesian, Russian and Turkish are next on Twitter’s list of languages.

We’re glad to see large Web players adopt social translation and trust crowd-sourcing.  With Dubzer, any website or application can launch it’s own Translation Center in a few minutes. Encouraged by Twitter, we hope to see similar initiatives from smaller players in the coming months. After all, it’s not the number of users that matters. All you need to support a language is a small but passionate audience in that language.