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Finding Keyword Patterns in the Long Tail of Search

by Santosh

Growing an information system relies on the discovery of new keyword patterns in the long tail of search. Most traditional methods of keyword discovery focus on the ‘head’, or common high volume searches and are therefore also the focus of intense competition. I’ve always used Adwords Keyword Tools to lead me on to find such opportunities and it is woefully inadequate when it comes to locating long tail opportunities. Without overstating, the task is akin to finding one needle in each of many haystacks.

To consistently grow is to tap programmatically into the very low volume, low competition searches that follow popular, permanent trends. For instance, in the realm of movies and multiplexes – the name of the movie would be a common search employed over the weekend, whereas “current english movies playing in (suburb name)” would be a long tail search opportunity. In the latter, you have an opportunity to directly answer the user’s specific search request to draw attention. Google shows how this is done by integrating rich niche search applications such as google.com/movies.

A hallmark of any growth process is to uncover these opportunities consistently.

I will be sharing some of the methods I’ve found valuable in subsequent posts.¬†What methods do you use?

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