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Understand your Audience – 2

by Santosh

Alok Kejriwal tore in to the ‘gLocal’ strategy citing how Orkut and Facebook have eaten in to BigAdda’s share. There is zero advantage gained from geographic positioning when marketing your Web application online.

Alok was at his best, pulling up factual Web Analytics data from Games2Win to show what the head and the tail is like on the Web. Read the rest of this entry »

The Discounted Indian

by Santosh

We all (who have been born and brought up here in India) love a discount!

Hold on a second, we don’t really just love discounts – we absolutely adore them. Our daily dose of adrenalin relies on relishing a good deal. I remember walking into Landmark not so long ago. The book section was decked with tags proclaiming 60% off. It got me going! As the cashier rung up my sale, I watched as he applied a price discount of 10%. For a moment, the actual price of my purchase was suspended in disbelief. All that remained was the price reduction. Honestly, it makes you feel good in a way no other scheme can.

The only other word that can trump discount is, yes, I can already hear it creep out – FREE.

And yet, retailers end up messing with our discounts.