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An event to seamlesslesly integrate success and failure

by Santosh

H. L. Hunley

I heard an insightful comment the other day “Entrepreneurs who’ve failed once are naturally drawn to the lean movement“. I figure that lean is a great teacher. It gives the entrepreneur a dispassionate framework to learn what thinking failed them and then adapt that learning to how it can be valuable in a larger context. Take for instance this commentary on the role of the Hunley, an early submersible that played an integral role in the evolution of the submarine.

H. L. Hunley was a submarine of the Confederate States of America that played a small part in the American Civil War, but a large role in the history of naval warfare. The Hunley demonstrated both the advantages and the dangers of undersea warfare. It was the first combat submarine to sink an enemy warship, although the Hunley was not completely submerged and was lost at some point following her successful attack.

An event that works will emphasize ingenuity over success and failure as it is in reality. Watching ingenuity unfold is also entertaining. That way curators are free of the pattern of chasing past successes to ensure the future success of the event. For instance, in the academic world the inventor of the Hunley would be encouraged to publish his work if he can demonstrate how it will eventually contribute to the realization of the submersible.

Dutifully filed under a collection of ideas called “give it to me even if it’s buggy“.

A Wallet Plan for those taking on Risk and Wealth Creation

by Santosh

I can go without earnings until my venture makes it to revenue.

Have you ever had this thought cross your mind? This morning I woke up to an unfortunate fever and an email from a colleague asking me about how she can get better at planning her financial future. She’s in her early twenties and is getting ready to go back to college. Whatever she’d saved up from her professional life was gone, she lamented. “What can I do now that I’m ready to wake up?” We’ve all been there. After writing to her, the question stayed with me and I knew I had writing left to do. What was I missing in my own plan given my experience with the nature of startups and fevers? Read the rest of this entry »