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No time to go for the 6th International Pune Festival?

by Anjali Gupta

PIFF films

Aneesh and Badal bring you all the action on BookEazy’s blog





From what I hear, the short student films by Whistling Woods are a great catch!


The Discounted Indian

by Santosh

We all (who have been born and brought up here in India) love a discount!

Hold on a second, we don’t really just love discounts – we absolutely adore them. Our daily dose of adrenalin relies on relishing a good deal. I remember walking into Landmark not so long ago. The book section was decked with tags proclaiming 60% off. It got me going! As the cashier rung up my sale, I watched as he applied a price discount of 10%. For a moment, the actual price of my purchase was suspended in disbelief. All that remained was the price reduction. Honestly, it makes you feel good in a way no other scheme can.

The only other word that can trump discount is, yes, I can already hear it creep out – FREE.

And yet, retailers end up messing with our discounts.

The Indian Online Advertising Enigma

by Santosh

Should Innovation-focused online Indian Startups look to Advertising for Revenue?

2007’s most common refrain I hear is that the online advertising is not lucrative. This I have heard from Investors, Founders, including those with Media industry experience. The obvious deduction that one would draw from it is that it is not probable for most startups to attain profitability the advertising model.

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Are consumers getting a raw deal with multiplex chains?

by Santosh

NEW DELHI: Multiplex chains Adlabs Cinemas, Inox, Fame, Cinemax and Movietime have come together to take a stand against the two movies releasing this Friday namely Welcome and Taare Zameen Par…

… PVR opened the advance booking for Taare Zameen Par at its properties one week prior to its release, while it was still under negotiations with other multiplexes.

After having booked enough number of shows for their own film, they decided to share space with Welcome. Additionally, since no other multiplex expect PVR will play Welcome as of now, Welcome’s audience at PVR will automatically know that Taare Zameen Par is playing at PVR if not at any other multiplex. PVR and Studio 18 arrived at a decision on late Wednesday evening. The advance booking of Welcome opened on Thursday. more…

And I thought Multiplexes were going to open the doors up for greater selection of movie content for the end consumer.