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Create an Academic Calendar for your toddler in 3 steps

by Santosh

Here’s an easy calendar creator you can use to plot Nursery and Primary admission dates for your toddler. Read the rest of this entry »

Ideas to Tinker with, starting with Mobile First

by Santosh

Mobile First Web Second – “46% of active users make mobile a regular part of their twitter experience”. This can only grow with time. Other examples of applications that are leaning the mobile way include Foursquare, Instagram, WhatsApp and IntouchID. Vibhu Norby, co-founder of Everyme and Origami writes that Mobile-first isn’t for everybody, or everything – Why We’re Pivoting from Mobile-first to Web-first.

The average teenager (US) sends out 3,339 text messages a month and every single text is opened explains Nancy Lublin. Do Something have found it to be 11 times more powerful than email.  Read the rest of this entry »

Ideas to Tinker with this Week

by Santosh

“People do judge a book by it’s cover” – To impute. Projecting a Brand image of self worth and values. From the Apple Marketing Philosophy.

The challenges and myths behind Brand and Marketing across the online and offline worlds for eCommerce companies in India – “Online retailers like Zovi, Myntra offer simulating ‘Touch & Feel’ comfort to consumers“, Economic Times India.

Social Commerce.

Napster, Udacity and the Academy. How MOOCs will unbundle the lecture from the educational process thanks to Baumol’s cost disease.

A Honeypot for Recruiters for solving a startup recruiting problem.

Understand your Audience – 2

by Santosh

Alok Kejriwal tore in to the ‘gLocal’ strategy citing how Orkut and Facebook have eaten in to BigAdda’s share. There is zero advantage gained from geographic positioning when marketing your Web application online.

Alok was at his best, pulling up factual Web Analytics data from Games2Win to show what the head and the tail is like on the Web. Read the rest of this entry »

Big Bazaar's Saste Din, Saste in name only

by Santosh

Big Bazaar Pune

Big Bazaar and the culture of always low prices has finally arrived here in India. The question is – does Big Bazaar match consumer expectations, or are they just making empty promises.

Read the rest of this entry »