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An Example App to Demonstrate Spring Security Twitter OAuth

by Santosh

This grails application will help you quickly walk through how the Spring Security Core and Spring Security Twitter OAuth plugins work. The application needs grails 2.4.0 and associated plugins. Total setup and go time should be less than an hour.

Clone it on github.com to get started.

Get going with Groovy, Grails on OSX within 60mins

by Santosh

Santosh Dawara.

I usually associate intense debugging and chasing down environment issues when it comes to setting up a web application development framework. At an idea-to-prototype event, participants gave themselves only the weekend to finish their prototypes. With such a tight timeline, spending several hours on setting up frameworks is hardly justifiable.

I had to get started from scratch. Saager Mhatre, a developer with tons of experience across platforms advised that I could ignore the others and try Groovy and Grails. One might think of Groovy as a modern programming leap for the Java platform and Grails as a convention-oriented framework for developing web applications. But the way I’d explain it is with the words ‘Productive’ emphatically highlighted.

I was genuinely surprised to have finished setting up the framework within the hour. Everything worked well and I test drove an example app from browser to database. In contrast to other frameworks, this one took the sweat and grime out of getting started from scratch. Before embarking, I had Macports and the Java VM setup and that helped.

Again, I am honestly delighted to see such a great deal of attention towards getting setup right. Here’s to a job well done!