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How we continue to flourish?

by Santosh

The Pune OpenCoffee Club

… for startup founders put down roots in 2008. The group started out with the idea of meeting up at a regular time, place to exchange notes and to help each other out. Over time, our identity has changed.

Today, the group is an open platform for events in entrepreneurial education, building ties with the rest of the startup eco-system and encouraging networking. As a community co-founder, I’ve watched our identity morph to better reflect the needs of the community, and my own needs as well. In October of 2012, with a little reflection on how things had worked out so far, we realized our organization needed leadership and succession. Summarized here is the journey and lessons learned in organization building and community engagement. Read the rest of this entry »

Why we start up.

by Santosh

I have had much time and space to ponder on this question. I’ve spoken to, read about and heard several startup founders and entrepreneurs relate to me why they’ve started up the first time, second time and so on. I figure that awareness of these insights differentiate the first time from the second time. The essence of the drive itself remains more or less the same.  Read the rest of this entry »

Chickens, Eggs and Entrepreneurs

by Santosh

An Entrepreneurs’ job is to evolve the Chicken and the Egg at the same time. You can’t wait around for one of them to appear and then make the other.

I heard this one at an advisor’s meeting. Long after the meeting was over, the quote kept playing in my head, conjuring images of a forlorn Chicken and an Egg appearing out of thin air. Remember, the insight should not be missed.