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A Wallet Plan for those taking on Risk and Wealth Creation

by Santosh

I can go without earnings until my venture makes it to revenue.

Have you ever had this thought cross your mind? This morning I woke up to an unfortunate fever and an email from a colleague asking me about how she can get better at planning her financial future. She’s in her early twenties and is getting ready to go back to college. Whatever she’d saved up from her professional life was gone, she lamented. “What can I do now that I’m ready to wake up?” We’ve all been there. After writing to her, the question stayed with me and I knew I had writing left to do. What was I missing in my own plan given my experience with the nature of startups and fevers? Read the rest of this entry »

How we continue to flourish?

by Santosh

The Pune OpenCoffee Club

… for startup founders put down roots in 2008. The group started out with the idea of meeting up at a regular time, place to exchange notes and to help each other out. Over time, our identity has changed.

Today, the group is an open platform for events in entrepreneurial education, building ties with the rest of the startup eco-system and encouraging networking. As a community co-founder, I’ve watched our identity morph to better reflect the needs of the community, and my own needs as well. In October of 2012, with a little reflection on how things had worked out so far, we realized our organization needed leadership and succession. Summarized here is the journey and lessons learned in organization building and community engagement. Read the rest of this entry »

Sunk cost fallacy

by Santosh

For every brand and for every person, yesterday is irretrievably gone and tomorrow is worth a great deal.

– Seth Godin, on sunk cost and your personal brand.

Entrepreneurs are good at keeping their dream when everything about them is changing.

The game is over when I say so

by Santosh

The rich troves of data at the fingertips of the biggest Internet companies are also creating a new kind of digital divide within the industry. Traditional media companies, which collect far less data about visitors to their sites, are increasingly at a disadvantage when they compete for ad dollars.

The major television networks and magazine and newspaper companies “aren’t even in the same league,” said Linda Abraham, an executive vice president at comScore. “They can’t really play in this sandbox.”

more. New York Times, To Aim Ads, Web is Keeping…

Gosh! The 500 pound Gorilla is at a serious disadvantage when compared to the 200 pound Gorilla cause its muscle to mass ratio is lower and so won’t get in to the same ring. When did the NY Times start encouraging FUD? The last time I checked Publicis was still wayy bigger than Google.

It would be interesting to know what kind of data traditional companies held about their consumers. For example, what groceries you buy and how often.

Big Bazaar's Saste Din, Saste in name only

by Santosh

Big Bazaar Pune

Big Bazaar and the culture of always low prices has finally arrived here in India. The question is – does Big Bazaar match consumer expectations, or are they just making empty promises.

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