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The game is over when I say so

by Santosh

The rich troves of data at the fingertips of the biggest Internet companies are also creating a new kind of digital divide within the industry. Traditional media companies, which collect far less data about visitors to their sites, are increasingly at a disadvantage when they compete for ad dollars.

The major television networks and magazine and newspaper companies “aren’t even in the same league,” said Linda Abraham, an executive vice president at comScore. “They can’t really play in this sandbox.”

more. New York Times, To Aim Ads, Web is Keeping…

Gosh! The 500 pound Gorilla is at a serious disadvantage when compared to the 200 pound Gorilla cause its muscle to mass ratio is lower and so won’t get in to the same ring. When did the NY Times start encouraging FUD? The last time I checked Publicis was still wayy bigger than Google.

It would be interesting to know what kind of data traditional companies held about their consumers. For example, what groceries you buy and how often.

The Indian Online Advertising Enigma

by Santosh

Should Innovation-focused online Indian Startups look to Advertising for Revenue?

2007’s most common refrain I hear is that the online advertising is not lucrative. This I have heard from Investors, Founders, including those with Media industry experience. The obvious deduction that one would draw from it is that it is not probable for most startups to attain profitability the advertising model.

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Is WordPress.com sneakily displaying advertisements in community content?

by Santosh

Update: Timethief points out that Matt has clarified the official wordpress stand on ads on the WordPress forums in the past (September 6th, 2006). WordPress.com has been displaying ads as part of content served to irregular readers of wordpress.com. In my opinion, 80% of the wordpress blogs out there receive a significant portion of their traffic from irregular readers who find the blog either through a search engine or through a referring site. It’s the top 20% of the blogs that enjoy loyal readership and can afford to either be ad-free or control the ads shown on their blogs.

In order to judge the general feeling out there, I’d like to request you to vote on whether you would pay to remove ads from your wordpress.com blog.

My own opinion is that I’d rather pay to remove ads so that I can focus on building a loyal readership over time from the 80% who discover my blog. What this also means is that I am opting to host myself. WordPress.com need (speculation) the additional revenue from advertising in order to support the “free” nature of wordpress.com. Nothing individual bloggers can pay them will actually cover up for the revenue lost per blog if they got rid of the advertising.

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