Grafting a Team

by Santosh

Santosh Dawara.

I look forward to getting started up on a new project. Since I’ve done this several times over, some simple methods and tools come in handy to help serve as the glue. I like to think of this as a graft, where you’re starting afresh but with cognizance of what you’ve learned and with more refined methods.

Earlier this month Pune hosted an idea-to-prototype event. Right before the event I had put together a bundle of interesting ideas or directions to pursue and then picked one out based on several criteria. I was fairly certain about going for a marketplace or a creative community. In the week running up to the event I began putting together the basics for the idea. I’ve hit some early milestones quickly to my genuine surprise.

Starting up is best enjoyed as a team sport. At the event and earlier on the forums, I shared the direction I was going in as openly as possible in order to invite feedback and collaborators. The event was attended by several talented folks looking for a creative outlet. For instance, one of the participating teams were a bunch of friends who had flown in from different cities to get to work together over the weekend.

Through the forums and the event we now have a potential team and a direction to work towards. In order to get past the initial challenges, we’re using visual tools (User Story Mapping, Business Model Canvas) to collaboratively scope out our idea and the payback has been immediate. The initial concept has grown considerably even if it is only on paper and each of us are learning as to what gets our creative juices flowing.

The next milestones include putting together communication and prototypes before going out wider.