Interested in Acquiring an Online Movie Tickets Technology? This will help.

by Santosh

Santosh Dawara.

Movie tickets services for India have recently found renewed interest in papers and popular media. Entrepreneurs approach me expecting help with creating one. I think that’s great. Also, the technology behind the movie tickets service is still a viable option to help you get to market early. This post is to help you clarify your priorities before you were to assume that having the technology alone is the key to help you break into the market.

The market is primarily divided into two multiplex backends – ShowBizz and Vista (resold by BigTree). Any movie tickets service would need to plug into both of these technologies to address the complete multiplex market.

It makes sense to talk about redeploying BookEazy, or building it from scratch, after you’ve signed an operating contract with a local or national multiplex chain. Why so? Most multiplexes will issue access to their backend test service only after an operating agreement is in place. Or at least a verbal yes is given by the multiplex to test your technology with their backend. Also, if you’ve been able to reach out to any of the individual technology vendors to get a multiplex test backend (ShowBizz, or Vista resellers BigTree) that will work too. Essentially, without a test backend you cannot conclusively establish the viability of any online movie tickets technology, including BookEazy (learn about how it works).

In addition to the automated booking process, BookEazy also has a manual booking and reconciliation mode which allows you to sell tickets independent of the multiplex backend. Here too, without an operating agreement in place it won’t make sense for you to deploy this technology. I’d be happy to arrange a demonstration of this manual mode if you’d want that.

Look forward to being in touch when you have agreements in place.