Start at the bottom

by Santosh

“Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the Earth with a lever.”

~ Archimedes, 3rd Century BC.

When we struggle with implementing internal change that has the potential to change the very fabric of what it is that we stand for, we see interesting patterns emerge. For instance, we might fall in love with the idea that such fundamental change is not possible or that it is hard. What I figure is that by starting at the very bottom, you’re in the best position to identify the fulcrum that can help you to transform an ordinary force into extraordinary change.

If you aspire to be a better parent to your child but are constrained by time, you can still start with changing diapers and graduate on to being responsible for meals and so on.

If you aspire to build a better home and are constrained by what you can spend, you could start with the kitchen and then move on to the living room.

If we aspire to create a startup-company with the potential to create or change markets but are constrained by resources, we start with one customer. Often times that one customer is you yourself – where you’re designing the product or service around your own needs.