Customer Success Wizards – A Case Story

by Santosh

RockIt Restaurants were evaluating a cloud CRM for their internal needs. As a nation-wide Pizza delivery chain, they were an interesting challenge for the founders of CloudSupport. CloudSupport specialized in end-consumer Relationship Management software. Sreeram, Founder of the barely 1 year old startup company CloudSupport closed most of the sales himself. RockIt would be a challenge for him as it was a large deployment with the potential of putting his startup in the green with a single pen-stroke.

As discussions went forward, Sreeram had offered a 60-day pilot run where CloudSupport would run the end-to-end customer interaction for a single outlet. Already pressed for time, Sreeram brought on-board a friend – Jagdeep to push the deployment through. Jagdeep had solid experience as a Customer Success Wizard in an unrelated business domain. Consumers were going to be an interesting challenge for him.

Jagdeep got into the thick of things immediately. The pilot run would be with a popular RockIt outlet in Bangalore. It was going to be big enough to fail hard so Jagdeep and Sreeram worked hard and were extra careful about the details. They were keen on convincing the RockIt management that they had a compelling solution at hand.

In the introductory board meeting, Jagdeep and Sreeram met with the operational team and the outlet management. As they talked, Bill walked the attendees through an overview of CloudSupport and took notes. Govind, a RockIt outlet manager wanted to understand CloudSupport’s capabilities for reaching existing customers. Their current solution was a portal that they utilized for sending out SMS’s about the outlets special events and exclusive offers. It was extremely popular with their clients.

Both Sreeram and Jagdeep knew that they did not have such a feature in their current package. Right before the meeting, they had agreed that they would take clutch decisions to scale their features if required. That helped immensely when Jagdeep stepped up to add a personalized SMS solution. He went on to describe how they could address each customer and customize each offer sent out based on the data the pub already had. “In fact”, he said – “we already do this for email and can extend it to SMS as well”. SreeramĀ  added that they could deliver this as an add-on in a few days once they had understood how the existing SMS portal worked for RockIt.

Sarah who represented the IT for RockIt, immediately stepped in – “We’re hoping your team will be able to manage the migration of our data?” For a brief moment, Jagdeep looked to Sreeram with a hint of surprise. Sreeram weighed in – “Sure, we’ll do it for you if Mahindra will consider a pilot fee”. Jagdeep acknowledged Sreeram’s quick thinking. They knew Mahindra the COO at RockIt would consider the extra fee fairly.

The meeting ended on a good note with the RockIt team convinced that CloudSupport would be a step in the right direction to help increase customer loyalty and brand value for RockIt clearing the way for a pilot.

This is a first case story of a possible series. The key idea is to convey ideas and concepts with a story to unlock your imagination. Comments and feedback invited!