Compelling ideas

by Santosh

What makes an idea compelling? Why are ideas a dime-a-dozen? If good ideas are so common, how do you come up with good ideas reliably on-tap? Are there environmental patterns that encourage creativity and idea-generation?

I recently picked up Steven Johnson’s book “Where good ideas come from“. It has turned out be a fantastic read for any entrepreneur or inventor. Steven profiles the history of innovation and presents a clear perspective into how you can identify what the “edge” of innovation really is in your age. The first few chapters have many surprises, even for the veteran entrepreneur.

One of  my favorite quips on good, nay great ideas is this interview with Steve Jobs on his visit to Xerox. That visit turned out to be a turning point for Apple, we all know that Jobs was inspired by Xerox’s GUI. What you probably don’t know is that Jobs saw not one, but three ideas on that day. Keep in mind that the PC revolution had not happened yet.

If you wish to pick up the book:

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