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Dubzer on MyLatinoVoice – Thank you Joe Kutchera!

by Anjali Gupta

Joe Kutchera is the author of the book Latino Link: Building Brands Online and Hispanic Communities and Content”. He is also Director of Digital Services at Acento, a full service Hispanic advertising, promotions and PR agency headquartered in Los Angeles.

In his recent interview on My Latino Voice, Joe talked about the key points to connect with a Latino market using social media.

“Keep an eye on translation, technology, and analytics companies that can help you translate you website or social media pages more cost effectively while gleaning measurable results in real time. For example, Google Translate or new services like Dubzer (http://www.dubzer.com) enable marketers to better serve immigrant communities or even expand internationally at very low costs.”

Glad to see that Joe mentioned the benefits of using translation platforms such as Dubzer!

Twitter chooses to go the Social Translation Way

by Anjali Gupta

Following the footsteps of Facebook, Twitter launched a comprehensive Translation Center to “crowdsource translations from our passionate users in order to more quickly launch Twitter in additional languages”.

Translators will be translating the product itself, not the Tweets. Twitter also has a feed for translators on twitter/@translator.

Indonesian, Russian and Turkish are next on Twitter’s list of languages.

We’re glad to see large Web players adopt social translation and trust crowd-sourcing.  With Dubzer, any website or application can launch it’s own Translation Center in a few minutes. Encouraged by Twitter, we hope to see similar initiatives from smaller players in the coming months. After all, it’s not the number of users that matters. All you need to support a language is a small but passionate audience in that language.