Lipikaar crowdsources translations for its Help pages on Dubzer

by Anjali Gupta

Lipikaar, a popular software for typing in Indian languages is now using Dubzer’s social translation platform to translate its help pages currently in English to major Indian languages. We’re excited to see crowdsourced translation in action.

How does this work?


Lipikaar’s online website gets several thousand visits every day. The visitors are fluent in at least one local Indian language and are using Lipikaar’s technology for the same language.

Therefore, Lipikaar already has a bilingual user following which is fluent in the target language. That’s the only prerequisite for social translation to work.


Lipikaar is offering a free license of it’s Windows Desktop Software (Rs. 499 value) to those users who translate 10 sentences or more. The reward is aligned to the user community and is something that Lipikaar can offer without having a budget for translation.

The reward is highlighted on each Help help page as shown here:

With one click, the user directly lands on the corresponding Dubzer page in Hindi where he can contribute translations. Adding the relevant pages to Dubzer takes only a few minutes. At no point does the user have to select his language or select the page he wants to translate. The experience is designed to be intuitive and engaging.


Within 3 weeks of launching this social translation experiment on the website, Lipikaar completed translations for 3 major languages – Hindi, Marathi, and Kannada. The contributors were new users who were probably visiting for the first time. To involve loyal users, Lipikaar plans to include this intiative in the monthly newsletter. This will further increase the pace of  translation.

8 weeks later:  The translations for Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Oriya, Marathi, Kannada were completed.