Lipikaar gets popular across languages and applications

by Anjali Gupta

The recent data from Lipikaar shows that we have gathered users across the spectrum.

Key highlights:

No one language accounts for more than 20% of users. A year ago we had Hindi and Punjabi dominating our charts.

The top 10 languages used by Lipikaar users are – Hindi (19%), Arabic (17%), Punjabi (13%), Marathi (10%), Gujarati (8%), Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, and Tamil.  Urdu and Kannada are tied at the 10th spot.

On the Applications front, we have users across 300 Unique Software Applications!  Users have typed in the above Indian languages on 300 different Windows Applications. The most popular one Microsoft Word accounts for only 3%!

The top applications – Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Internet Explorer, Acrobat, Firefox, Chrome, Outlook, Notepad, PowerPoint, GoogleTalk, Yahoo Messenger, PhotoShop, and so on.

Some of the new entrants that are being actively used with Lipikaar are Google Earth and iTunes.

After powering the PC and websites, we’re gearing up to power the mobile phone with Indian languages.  Do send us your ideas. Write to me if you would like to include Lipikaar with your software or mobile application.