Understand your Audience – 2

by Santosh

Alok Kejriwal tore in to the ‘gLocal’ strategy citing how Orkut and Facebook have eaten in to BigAdda’s share. There is zero advantage gained from geographic positioning when marketing your Web application online.

Alok was at his best, pulling up factual Web Analytics data from Games2Win to show what the head and the tail is like on the Web. While India features at #5, the web market still tends to lie in North America and Europe. Countries like Colombia, Mozambique feature prominently on his Analytics.

Alok’s attempts at SEM were disappointing and not worth the spend. He cites dismal ‘acquired’ audience loyalty when compared to organically acquired audience. Alok’s team worked with the leading SEM provider but could not solve the problem, so they abandoned SEM altogether. They had managed to bring down their CPC to 0.30p (INR).

Alok’s approach is to share a unique slice of life with those who have never experienced what we believe to be ordinary. Prajakt mentioned that after hearing Alok’s pitch on Games2Win, he would definitely go and try out their Games (Word of Mouth?).

Abhishek Goyal talked about a Web startup Erasmic funded (now Accel). The founders experimented, built and successfully scaled intensely engaging applications and features (5Mn+ UU’s p.month). Alok Mittal of Canaan Partners was impressed by the quality and efficiency of execution of the founding team (Edit: changed with feedback from Abhishek).

Anuj Khurana was disappointed by efforts to market PurpleTrail on twitter and friendfeed, he cited greater traction when investing in original content around his core audience (party-planners). Anuj asserts that Google must feature in Marketing strategy for destination sites. Key learning from Anuj, Alok and Abhishek,

  • Marketing on the web is all about achieving intense scale and distribution. Budget is irrelevant (Edit: Anjali).
  • If you don’t aim to hit a Million+ UU’s in 6-9 months, don’t bother starting up on the web.
  • You can’t hide behind geographic product positioning, the web nullifies that defense.
  • Expect the unexpected and quickly adapt to how your users behave to gain an edge.
  • Cut through the noise when you can see business models (built over conventional thought) fail.
  • Alok’s moment of Zen: You can’t buy advertising when you intend to sell Ads as value to other Brands (build your own audience).

Vijay Basrur, Quikr.in adds: We are also faced with an uphill task of growing organic traffic at Quikr (www.quikr.com) but are making great progress by sticking to the basics. Buying advertising only works in the short run but not in the long haul.

Ironically there are so many basics to growing your natural traffic (as laid down by Google) yet many websites seem ignorant about them and tend to view the web like any other medium where money can buy you traffic/usage.

But since you leave a trail on the Internet, your past usually helps you grow in the future, unlike any other medium. And that is the biggest contributor to your natural traffic growth.

There’s more… Punetechlive, Bhavis and Trakin‘s tweets on the event. Understand your audience – Why Big Marketing spend is not the same as building an audience for your application.

~ Santosh