CSI Pune reaches out to Entrepreneurs

by Anjali Gupta

I had the good fortune of being the Guest Editor for the quarterly newsletter of The Computer Society of India, Pune Chapter. The newsletter, titled DeskTalk recently won the National Newsletter Award.

The theme for this edition was Entrepreneurship and we managed to put together an interesting set of articles on various aspects of the startup ecosystem. Authors included both first time and established entrepreneurs, from Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, and the US. Through my guest editorial I attempted to introduce the 700+ CSI members in Pune to forums such as Pune Open Coffee Club and Pune Tech.

A big thank you to my co-founder Santosh, for urging me to do this, helping me with the writing and articles, and picking up my slack at work 🙂

You can download the soft copy of DeskTalk on the CSI Pune website.