Lipikaar's a big hit at Proto!

by Anjali Gupta

After 48 hours of non-stop talking, interspersed with few hours of sleep, we’re finally getting back to answering an avalanche of unread emails.

We presented Lipikaar at the summer edition of Proto IV 2008 (July 18-19, at I.I.T. Delhi) along with 15 other finalists. Here’s a video of the 6 minute presentation we made to an audience of over 400.

The highlight of the event was the enthusiastic response we received at our stall after the presentation. Lipikaar’s simplicity struck a chord with everyone as they came over to narrate their past experiences and their pain points with Indic language typing.

Our entire team is super excited with the possibilities, and we realize that we have miles to go before we can celebrate. A big thank you to the committed team behind Proto, and to all our friends, colleagues, and mentors who made it happen.

More Web Coverage:

Lipikaar is a Indian vernacular language utility for online & desktop users. Their products are used commercially by many banks & Govt institutions. — Webyantra: Impressive Show for Startups at Proto IV, Delhi.

Lipikaar is a simplified typing method for both monolingual and bilingual users. The tool is designed to encourage extensive usage of Indic languages beyond a casual remark or a phrase. For example, typing a document, an article, an email, a presentation, a blog – all of these currently happen in English because we have a mechanical typing method (keyboard). — Proto Coverage Blinkmagic,Ferox Foods, NextBit, Lipikaar, Eko on

The desktop version of Lipikaar allows you to create all types of documents in Windows XP, Win 2000, Vista, ME while the plugin enables the same functions online. Lipikaar also empowers instant messaging in local languages.

We really liked the product and it was one of our favorite companies that presented at Proto this year. The Alootechie editor downloaded the plug in and is very happy with the way it works! — Proto 4 – A Winner’s Showcase, AlooTechie.

Rahul Khanna’s Take – “Interesting technology, but needs a compelling application to drive adoption.” – A Quick VC Take on Proto Startups, VCCircle.

Photos by the Proto Team

Lipikaar on Flickr

About Lipikaar

Lipikaar is a patented solution we’ve been working on to ease Indic language typing on the desktop, mobile and on the web. You can try a live demo here – Lipikaar enables typing and interaction in all Indian languages. In order to use Lipikaar, all you need is knowledge of the regional language script and familiarity with the regular keyboard.