Have Energy Unlimited

by Santosh

In every Pune OpenCoffee Club meet, you can’t help but notice the energy that Entrepreneurs bring with them. It is exciting and infectious. However, the Pune OCC is proving to be more than just about youth and learning. On July 3rd, Neeraj Arora of Google’s Corporate M&A wing, Neill Brownstein and Anjana Kaul of Footprint Ventures spoke about their respective organizations and philosophies. Over 50 Pune OCC members turned up for the event.

Boundless energy and enthusiasm are part of the Entrepreneurial profile. Of all the faces in the Pune OCC, of the founders pairing up to start, you just can’t tell which company is going to be the next big one out of India.

The newer Pune OCC members have been asking if the OCC was working with a blueprint or a plan. It does not. Just like the other OCC’s (especially Chennai), the Pune OCC was started to accelerate networking and so far it has worked incredibly well.

Our real-world regular meetups help build trust and familiarity between the attendees and guests. This in turn serves as a foundation for more meaningful interaction down the line. There are other organizations, like the recently resurrected TiE Pune that will provide the structure, discipline and other necessary characteristics for the rest of the startup eco-system to work.

Thank you Navin for covering the details of the event on PuneTech.

~ Santosh