The game is over when I say so

by Santosh

The rich troves of data at the fingertips of the biggest Internet companies are also creating a new kind of digital divide within the industry. Traditional media companies, which collect far less data about visitors to their sites, are increasingly at a disadvantage when they compete for ad dollars.

The major television networks and magazine and newspaper companies “aren’t even in the same league,” said Linda Abraham, an executive vice president at comScore. “They can’t really play in this sandbox.”

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Gosh! The 500 pound Gorilla is at a serious disadvantage when compared to the 200 pound Gorilla cause its muscle to mass ratio is lower and so won’t get in to the same ring. When did the NY Times start encouraging FUD? The last time I checked Publicis was still wayy bigger than Google.

It would be interesting to know what kind of data traditional companies held about their consumers. For example, what groceries you buy and how often.