What was your last hyperlocal conversation?

by Anjali Gupta

As we go about our daily lives we all come across stuff that others may find useful or interesting. This hyperlocal information may range from a small local activity to a great find on the TV or even a rare opinion on a current topic. The way I look at it, if you think you’re witnessing something that holds relevance beyond your family and friends, it’s hyperlocal!

For example, here’s a peek at my last three hyperlocal conversations.

As I am writing this post, Ishan Sharma takes the wicket of Matthew Hayden in India’s ongoing Adelaide test match against Australia. This event instantly became the subject of conversation. (Relevance: india wide)

After TATA’s Nano for the masses, there’s now a laptop for the masses – HCL’s MiLeap at a price of Rs. 13,990. I hear it’s available at the local Croma electronics store in Pune. Do you think it will gain traction? (Relevance: india wide and local)

The Save Pune Traffic Movement (yahoo group: sptm-sunrise) has started an experiment with the Kothrud Traffic Police. They need volunteers to hold a “follow all rules” sign at Athavale Chowk near Nal Stop from 8:30 am to 8:45 am, for a week or so. My mother reports that last weekend the SPTM volunteers along with the police caught close to 150 violators over 2 hours! (Relevance: traffic fearing residents of Pune)

Well, that’s from me on one Saturday morning.

If you’re stopping by this page, give us a peek at your last hyperlocal conversation.

Cheers to the era of an hyperlocal Web!