TiE ISB Connect 2007

by Santosh

I will be attending the TiE ISB Connect 2007 for entrepreneurs on November 14th, 15th and 16th at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. BookEazy co-founder (and author here on Sukshma), Anjali Gupta, has been invited to participate in a panel discussion on Funding Software Product Ventures. Anjali will be talking about her approach and experience with closing funding, selecting the right investing partners and deciding on the right amount to raise for a product oriented startup.

Also keep your eye out for the Business Plan Showcase track where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and businesses to VC’s.

You can watch a live stream of the event here.

Update 14th November, 2007.

The morning session was covered by Prof V. Chandrashekhar, who teaches Business Strategy and Entrepreneurial Development at the Indian School of Business. The number of participants are well over 100 – with fewer seats in the auditorium, LAN ports and power ports aren’t easily available.

Update 17th November, 2007

Nikhil at ContentSutra has a summary of the Internet and Mobile session at the TiE-ISB Connect. Rajiv Dingra from WATBlog also has posted his summary.

The panel included Mahesh Murthy (PinStorm and Seedfund), Samir Sood (Google India), Anil Raj (PacketMobile), Ashhar Farhan (Phonestack and TRAI), GV Kumar (Megasoft), Vani Kola (NEA-Indo US Ventures), Hwapyng Tzeng (Sierra Atlantic), Guru Thalapaneni (Remoba), A.R. Vishwanath (IMI Mobile) and Kalyan Manyam (IndyaRocks).

The session was primarily focused on the mobile space (and media). Mahesh brought out a number of interesting facts from an audit PinStorm conducted in 2006. The audit counted 7,000 major advertisers on Television and 47,000 advertisers on AdWords for India. 40% of the search advertisers were not based in India (but opted to advertise through AdWords for India). The Television numbers don’t include advertisers who opt to advertise through locally operated cable television channels. You can find a similar study cited here on the PinStorm site.

The panel members asserted that Mobile Advertising will hinge around the personal nature of the mobile. They anticipate innovation in how advertising is targeted and delivered and this will be very drive advertising spend to grow faster when compared to Television, Print and the Internet.

Anil Raj is very optimistic on the development of mobile interfaces for the delivery and use of mobile applications. He asserted that there is still a long way to go for device manufacturers. Some delegates from the audience echoed similar thoughts asserting that mobile usage has remained focused on mobile as a voice communication tool and has not grown beyond that due to un-friendly interfaces.

A. R. Vishwanath (IMI Mobile) suggested that evolution of mobile services and businesses beyond voice will look nothing like the West. For example, 25% of all mobile users in India have used the “press *” to copy caller ring back tones with various operators (Can anyone verify this?). In his opinion, the market potential for VAS has not been met as marketers have misunderstood the requirements and underestimated capabilities.

The Media and Entertainment session panelists were optimistic about Gaming (Casual, Internet, Outdoor Entertianment and Console) and Animation (Services, Films). I was glad to hear that the demand for Gaming in India was growing rapidly year over year. Except for Rajesh Sawhney (CEO, Reliance Entertainment), none of the panelists were from a media oriented business. Rajesh stressed upon patience as far as Internet advertising based business models are concerned. Nikhil from ContentSutra has his Summary of the same session here.