BigAdda style marketing

by Santosh

Here are a couple of pictures I took a few days after the launch of back in August this year. BigAdda is unlike any other web social networking startup you may have heard off. It is backed by Reliance Capital and it’s marketing war chest is larger than what most startups will absorb at seed stage.

Strategically, BigAdda is Reliance Entertainments foray into the web and mobile social networking space. The market is primarily 20’ish English-speaking youth of India or Indian origin. The primary value proposition is based on social media (videos, blogs, audio, photos etc.)

BigAdda Billboard

Here is the same billboard a few weeks later, now advertising – another Reliance Entertainment venture.

BigAdda Billboard

In contrast, here is a RedHat hat – Guerilla Marketing at its best!

RedHat Linux Auto Walla