Links: Visionary value

by Santosh

Visionaries conceptualize value and deliver. The links below talk about how Google found and made their own customers.

Thankfully for Brin and Page, word-of-mouth publicity and a narrow focus on Internet search has made Google a hit among users.

The austerity of the service is reflected on Google’s homepage, where all you have is one simple search query window and a search button. So good is their search engine that despite being in beta for past 12 months, the number of searches has grown from 10,000 searches a day to 4 million search requests every day. That’s over 45 searches a second.

Om Malik writes about Google’s rise in Forbes, 10th April, 1999.

Seth Godin talks about Google at Google and touches upon the vision.

Deepak Goel talks about a Customer Development course he took in Haas, Berkeley. The course summary dissects customer development explained simply.