Startup software development positions

by Santosh

Several positions have opened up in my network and are begging for talented Software Developers.

BookEazy Technologies, Pune:

BookEazy Technologies is a year old, Pune based startup in technology, media and entertainment. We are looking for an ace software developer with 2 years of experience with web application development and/or in-depth knowledge of databases. Only those hungry for work with a true pre-funding startup need apply. I can promise you that you will be working with a great team which has already marked up one major release. A Bachelor’s, good communication skills and strong work ethic is a must. Your knowledge of scripting languages, object oriented programming and databases will be put to the test.

Leave a comment here, or e-mail me if your interested.

The BookEazy contact page.

LiveMocha, Greater Seattle area:

LiveMocha has set some pretty lofty goals and is looking for Developers who are familiar with web services and web applications. Since the startup is still in stealth, I cannot give away much except that the startup is very “web 2.0” and is located in Bellevue.

Have a look at the LiveMocha careers page if your interested.

Also, have a look at CEO Shirish Nadkarni’s blog.

Rediff, Mumbai:

Sure, Rediff is hardly a startup – nevertheless, I’ll put down what all I have right now. Rediff is looking for an experienced technologist who is familiar with the management landscape (P & L, project management etc.) and has a strong background in web application development. The position is in Mumbai.

Drop me a line if your interested.