Online advertising in India

by Santosh

My deep slumber from blogging was disturbed today with some interesting news from a couple of sources.

For as far as I can remember, I was never able to come up with anything concrete on what the Indian advertising space looked like. Pranav from StartupDunia seems to have some answers on the shape of things today. He uncovered this BusinessWorld article titled – “Big Media goes online”. The article is detailed and does cover some interesting statistics. The rates for online advertising on every portal reflects the number of pageviews only to a small extent. What are the other factors at play here? Entrepreneurs with web properties will still find the article extremely interesting.

Talking about startups in this space, advertising network komli (what does it mean?) received funding from Draper Fisher Jurveston and Helion Ventures. Here is an interesting bit of information to chew on as you read the business world article above:

As per Amar Goel, Founder and CEO of Komli, around 40 percent of India’s online audience is outside the top 10 portals; Komli is competing for a share of distributed spends across various advertising networks. “The Indian online marketing space hasn’t evolved yet, but there is opportunity. Who’s doing affiliate marketing here? We don’t have as many advertisers as Google, but we’re a significant marketing partner for many,” he says.

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