Booking movie tickets in Pune the eazy way

by Santosh

Do you love watching movies on the big screen, but just hate the idea of standing in line to book movie tickets at India’s crowded theatres and multiplexes? Have you ever stood in line and watched the box office window operator put up the “Housefull” sign just before your turn came up? Have you been cheated by a tout selling tickets in black for a premier show?

I have had the misfortune of being in every one of those situations! I can even remember the names of the movies in the last two exceptional situations :), which is why BookEazy is truly a personal project for me.

Since my return to India, I have been working with a brilliant team on enabling movie tickets online with the right model that will appeal to the average Indian consumer. I know what your thinking, no, you don’t have to pay online in order to book your tickets! Our goal is to make it easy for you to book your cinema tickets online.

All of last week we were at work enabling the technology and the content. At 10pm on Sunday, BookEazy went live! You can currently view theatre schedules for some of the popular multiplexes in Pune on BookEazy. In fact, there are currently 22 movies now displayed on BookEazy including Mira Nair’s Water, Black Friday, Nishabd, Honeymoon Travels, Nehle Pe Dehla and Nicholas Cage’s Ghost Rider.

Have a look at how BookEazy works and let me know if you would like to join the service to book movie tickets in Pune. We also have our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Our promise is that you will never miss a good movie!