First flight

by Santosh

I made my first post on the BookEazy journal today with Anjali, here is an excerpt and the link to the original:

The BookEazy Journal: A leap of faith.

“For some years, I have been afflicted with the belief that flight is possible to man” – Wilbur Wright.

Of all the innovation stories of the past century, the first “controlled, powered, heavier than air flight” by the Wright brothers, is up there amongst the most inspiring. The Wright brothers were not scientists or engineers by education. In fact, they ran a bicycle repair shop and a printing business at some point. What made them extraordinary was that they believed that they could put together metal parts, wires and an engine and get them all to fly. In their minds, they had already made an incredible leap of faith.

Over a hundred years later, the rules have changed. The choice to fly safely and securely to our destinations is now taken for granted. I like to think that even today, every entrepreneur has a little bit of the Wright brothers in themselves. We all have made a mental leap to set ourselves apart from the rest.