Learning CSS

by Santosh

Why should I care about CSS? If your a developer and have ever struggled with web-page development tools, for example Netscape composer, or frontpage, cascading style sheets are a very simple solution. Build simple web-pages first and then style them like a professional would through code re-use. You won’t need to purchase Dreamweaver or other expensive tools to get that professional touch. The references below will definitely help.

This blogs theme benefits greatly from CSS, which allows the seperation of style, structure and content.

Why do I recommend it? The specification is very simple to understand. Even simpler if your already programming in Java or some other programming language (like Ruby and PHP). If your working with HTML and Javascript then CSS is all the more important. Besides, I just wish someone would have introduced it to me earlier. I was inspired by Amit Singh (IBM and kernelthread.com fame).

Have a look at the resources below and before long you will begin customizing your web-design to suit your own style.

What are the caveats? CSS won’t work predictably on all browsers always when it comes to certain features. But if you understand the language and its mechanics you will be able to figure out why certain browsers break and when. It is also possible that you may find yourself getting bored with designing CSS layouts, in which case I recommend web-design as a break between your kernel hacking.

Without further ado, the resources: