Building Great Software: Solve For The 80/20 Case

by Santosh

Original Article: Building Great Software: Solve For The 80/20 Case.

I found the link on Jeff Barr’s blog.

It is always good to remind yourself who your building software for.

It’s also easy to compensate for user interface problems, to the point that you stop thinking about what you are doing to compensate. I watched this happen in real time this week when an executive I know and highly respect was giving a demo of a software package. In the middle of the demo, he alt-tabbed (in Windows) to another window to bring it to the forefront. He knew to do this without thinking… but the new user wouldn’t. When I called him on it, he said, without thinking, “Oh… I just knew to do that.” Then he thought about it for a second and turned to one of the company’s senior engineers and said, “Hey, we should fix that!”