PeopleAggregator nears release

by Santosh

PA or PeopleAggregator is now in Alpha and is very near Beta (or release?). I am particularly interested because the technology expertise for PA has been sourced to a small technology startup in India (Marc confirms it here). The success of the product purely from a technology perspective is important and I am watching.

On the business itself – I tried PA but I have not been able to get a good handle on what it can help me (as a user) solve. I understand that they want to be able to make it possible for me (average joe) to aggregate my presence in different social networks seamlessly. I am left wondering – is that really a problem that I would pay for (not sure if I am supposed to pay in the first place, or if the revenue will come from elsewhere).

On the alpha site I came across some PA blogs, also a few blogs by developers behind PA on the site. Overall, I did not have any real direction or an intuitive feeling of “oh this is what I ought to do first to get me going!”. I tried clicking “video” for a demonstration (by Marc Canter, the photograph would lead me to believe), I am not sure why that did not work (Firefox?). More notes on this later (I am on my way to work). I have a lot of questions and no clear feedback to pass on yet.

If your interested, the product, the startup, the products market positioning and future, all is being discussed on TechCrunch. You can also find some of the brains behind the product participating in the discussion.